Vacuum Pump Systems

Packaged systems typically include carefully matched components such as separator tanks, condensers, valve technology, gas ejectors, exhaust gas condensers, sensors, frequency converters and regulation/control systems.

Speck Industries packaged vacuum systems include:

  • BluSystems – vacuum units for wet and dry calibration of plastic profiles
  • Huge energy savings due to frequency regulation and smart system technology
  • UniVac – plug-and-play vacuum units
  • Compact, ready to connect and easy to maintain: vacuum units with highly efficient separator tank, condenser and heat exchanger

Speck Industries is eager to work with customers to solve their pump issues, whether it is modifying a current Speck Pump model or designing a pump and motor from scratch. Contact us today and together we will determine the best overall solution for your pumping application, +1-201-569-3114.

Speck Industries BluLine Vacuum System

Sample Applications

Controlled vacuum for general industrial processes

Vacuum calibration for the manufacturing of plastic profiles

Production of polystyrene parts (EPP / EPS)

Distillation / separation of liquids

Recovery of condensates (solvents)


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