Side Channel Pumps

Side channel pumps are ideal for high pressure, pumping liquefied gasses, are self priming and have low pulsations.

Side channel pump features include:

  • Basic housing materials: bronze or ductile iron
  • Close coupled and base plate mount models
  • Magnetic drive or mechanical seal
  • Viscosity range 0.2  to 1000 cP
  • Temperature to 660° F (hot oil transfer)
  • Single and multi-stage
  • NPSH inducer stage (for operating at temperatures close to boiling point or low suction head)
  • Stainless steel or ceramic (minimal eddy current losses)
  • Motors: Standard NEMA, ISO or special OEM

Speck Industries is eager to work with customers to solve their pump issues, whether it is modifying a current Speck pump model or designing a side-channel pump and motor from scratch. Contact us today and together we will determine the best overall solution for your pumping application, +1-201-569-3114.

Speck Industries Side Channel Pump SKM 4003

Side Channel Pump Flow Ranges

Sample Applications

Speck Industries side channel pump flow range chart
  • Transfer of LP gasses
  • Circulation of hot water in boiler systems
  • Delivery of salt water and fresh water in ships
  • Recovery of condensates (water)
  • Hot oil transfer pump
  • Extraction of palm-oil and similar oils


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