Regenerative Turbine Pumps

Regenerative turbine pumps (peripheral turbine) are very compact for high-pressure applications, they easily handle air or vapors within the fluid being pumped and have exceptionally low pulsation.

Regenerative turbine pump features include:

  • Basic housing materials: stainless steel, brass, ductile iron, cast iron, polymers
  • Close coupled and base plate mount models
  • Magnetic drive, canned motor or mechanical seal
  • Viscosity to 100 cSt
  • Vertical (seal-less) or horizontal configurations
  • Reversing option
  • Temperature to 660° F
  • Motors: Standard NEMA, ISO or special OEM

Speck Industries is eager to work with customers to solve their pump issues, whether it is modifying a current Speck pump model or designing a regenerative turbine pump and motor from scratch. Contact us today and together we will determine the best overall solution for your pumping application, +1-201-569-3114.

Speck Industries Regenerative Turbine Pump AY-2481

Regenerative Turbine Pump Flow Ranges

Sample Applications

Speck Industries regenerative turbine pump flow range chart
  • Dispensing milk and whey in automatic feeders for calf and pig fattening
  • Temperature control of plastics molds
  • Cooling of electrical cabinets, industrial lasers, MIG welding torch, transformers
  • Microchip manufacturing – temperature control (chillers)
  • Filling of beverages by means of bottling machines
  • Delivery of potable water in railcars
  • Brine injection


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