Rotary Vane Pumps

Rotary vane pumps’ flow varies nearly proportionally with speed, and they maintain flow as pressure increases. Designed to be very compact for high-pressure applications, and performance is maintained as vanes wear.

Rotary vane pump features include:

• Basic housing materials: stainless, or copper alloy
• Close coupled
• Sealing via magnetic drive, or mechanical seals
• Temperature to 160° F
• Viscosity range from 0.02 to 20k+ cps
• Motors: Standard NEMA, ISO or special OEM

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Speck Industries Rotary Vane Pump DS-360-MK

Rotary Vane Pump Flow Ranges

Sample Applications

Speck iindustries vane pump flow range chart
  • Delivery of propionic acid for corn preservation
  • Purification of drinking-water in RO machines
  • Carbonator pressure for beverages
  • Windshield washer in locomotives


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