Centrifugal Pumps > 30 gpm

Centrifugal pumps are generally the first choice of technology when a pump is needed. They are highly reliable and relatively low cost. They use standard off shelf motors, but for some applications, we design special motors to precisely fit the application. Multi-stage versions can pump to 140 ft-water.

Centrifugal pump features include:

  • Basic housing materials: stainless, bronze and ductile iron
  • A large variety of models up to 2000 gpm
  • Close coupled or base plate mounting
  • Sealing via magnetic drive, canned motor or mechanical seals
  • Temperatures from 660° F. Excellent for hot oil transfer and heat transfer oils
  • Viscosity range up to 1000 cP
  • Single and multi-stage
  • Motors: Standard NEMA, ISO or special OEM

Speck Industries is eager to work with customers to solve their pump issues, whether it is modifying a current Speck centrifugal pump model or designing a pump and motor from scratch. Contact us today and together we will determine the best overall solution for your pumping application, +1-201-569-3114.

Speck Industries Centrifugal Pump TOE MI

Centrifugal Pump Flow Ranges

Sample Applications

Speck IndustriesCentrifugal greater than 30 gpm Pump Curve

Hot Oil Transfer Pump Applications:

  • Cooling of X-ray apparatus and medical lasers
  • Food fryer hot oil circulation and filtration
  • Transfer of hot oil bitumen production and processing
  • Process heating in the production of liquid crystals in the pharmaceutical industry
  • Production of edible oils and vegetable oil products up to 660° F

Water and Glycol Heat Transfer Applications

  • Heating of pipelines and treatment stations in natural gas gathering
  • Boiler feed
  • Delivery of cold brine


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