Vacuum Pumps

Speck Industries specializes in manufacturing liquid ring vacuum pumps and vacuum packaged systems from 32 to 1200 cfm, vacuum to 26 in-hg. Our specialty is designing vacuum systems for challenging applications where corrosion, efficiency and low water consumption are key to the success of your system.

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Vacuum pump types include:

Speck Industries manufactures liquid ring vacuum pumps. These pumps are globally popular for yielding the best possible value in a pump by offering wide flow ranges and exceptional reliability and are customizable to the application.

Vacuum Pump Systems

Packaged vacuum systems are engineered to meet exacting specifications. Speck ensures the best possible integration of components such as separator tanks, condensers, valve technology, gas ejectors, exhaust gas condensers, sensors, frequency converters and regulation/control systems. The end product is fully inspected and ready to perform as expected in customers’ equipment. Customers save money and resources by relying on Speck’s experience and expertise.

Speck Industries BluLine Vacuum System


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