Liquid Pumps

Speck Industries’ pumps range from compact OEM sizes to larger pumps with flow capabilities over 2000 gpm. Each Speck pump is optimized for our customer needs by either modifying standard products or designing new products to specification. 

Not sure which pump type is best for your application? Review the specifications below or call us today at +1-201-569-3114.

Liquid pump types include:

Speck Industries manufactures special centrifugal pumps and motors for OEM requirements that optimize cost and performance. These smaller centrifugal pumps are available in a wide variety of configurations and motor options. Typical OEM applications are circulation, heat transfer, and chemical delivery.

Large industrial centrifugal pumps offer modular designs and a wide range of configurations and materials and provide outstanding reliability and efficiency in extreme conditions, such as temperatures up to 660 F.

Regenerative turbine pumps are beneficial when a high-pressure and compact pump is required. Available in a variety of materials, seal types and configurations, these pumps perform well in applications like temperature control in microchip manufacturing (chillers)

Side channel pumps are the preferred pumping choice for fluid transfer under difficult conditions. They are available in a wide variety of materials and configurations to optimize performance and reliability in challenging applications like liquefied gases or pumping liquids near boiling point.

Gear pumps are ideal for low flow, high-pressure applications and are preferred for their compactness, chemical resistance, low pulsations and quiet operation. Primary uses are heat transfer, chemical dosing, coolant circulation, and CIJ ink delivery.

Rotary vane pumps are typically used for their compact size and high pressure pumping capability for water-like liquids. Speck Industries’ modular designs offer a mechanical or mag drive seal for compatibility with a large variety of motors. Most popular rotary vane pump applications are coolant circulation, vending machines dispensing, and fuel transfer.

Oscillating piston pumps offer a low-cost means of fluid transfer. These very compact are typically used pumping cleaning solution in carpet cleaning machines.


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